Vlog & Tapping Video’s

Mid 2019 I embarked on a journey coming off psych medication for Bipolar. It was something I had researched for a few years and never found much support or info about what it may look like and what my options were. I chose the path of using high doses of micronutrients and filmed a vlog so when I was ready I could share it and help others. There are 12 videos following my journey through a physical, emotional and psychological transformation.

Below the vlog are some video resources for tapping 🙂

Part 1 of 12 – Why I’ve chosen to see if I can be drug free. The decisions and my change of plan.
Part 2 of 12 – Woohoo! I’ve started taking the micronutrients.
Part 3 of 12 – The worst day so far after making my first reduction in my meds.
Part 4 of 12 – I’ve made my second reduction and now I’m 1/4 off all of my meds!! And I’m feeling really goooood!
Part 5 of 12 – Lots of tears, highly emotional day, high anxiety, racing thoughts and ready for another reduction.
Part 6 of 12 I’m HALFWAY off all of my medication!!!!!!!
Part 7 of 12 Accepting me for me, ‘now’. Chats about Abraham Hick’s view on Bipolar. My Bipolar mind and my ability to focus on my goals is a gift.
Part 8 of 12 Check out my skin! Lithium skin is calming. The patterns of healing are in effect with more trauma rising. Healing as it arrives. Overall my mood is good.
Part 9 of 12 Things are going really well, the rollercoaster has calmed down. Feeling lots of ease. I’m almost 3/4 off all of my meds!!!! It’s working! My body feels different, lighter physically and emotionally.
Part 10 of 12 In a tizz and spaced out. Being kind to myself today, feeling highly emotional and ready for my next reduction.
Part 11 of 12 Lots of crying today, feeling masses of emotion. Leaning hard into my support people today.
Part 12! The end! I’m completely drug-free! I feel amazing, and life looks very different for me now