The VIP Freedom Package

Finding emotional freedom and healing trauma is a big journey to embark on. Having chosen this path myself I understand the type of support needed along the way.

This package has been designed to support you emotionally, to release old trauma and develop tools to help you gain control of your emotions.

With my guidance using Matrix Reimprinting, EFT and other tools, I will gently guide you on a journey of deep healing, working with your subconscious mind, to find ‘your’ emotional freedom. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and a perspective on your current blocks.

When we were young, we made a LOT of decisions about ourselves and the world we lived in, it’s part of our development before the age of 7. Sometimes we were taught these by our parents, and sometimes we created a belief around them all by ourselves; through our child eyes. The problem we often have is that the beliefs that we made back then, can impact our lives negatively now. They can show up as anxiety, feeling lost, weighed down, feeling stuck, having trouble in relationships; just to name a few. Not all trauma is related to childhood, however we do find a lot of our discomfort as adults is related to it.

There are different types of trauma. Big T and little t trauma. Big T traumas are deeply disturbing events where you felt out of control or perhaps even feared for your life, eg. war, sexual & physical abuse, natural disasters, and catastrophic accidents. These are what most people assume trauma is, however, there are also little t traumas that are widely misunderstood and overlooked regarding impact they can have on us throughout life. Little t traumas are events that have had us feeling helpless or impacted our emotional wellbeing, eg. conflict, bullying, divorce, being excluded, emotional neglect, financial or legal troubles to name a few.

Healing the trauma feels like lifting a weight off, and its how you reach beautiful emotional freedom.

I will help you connect the dots to uncover and release what it is that’s holding you back.

This package provides you with 12 private 75min sessions, (weekly for 3 months) on zoom for $1399NZ.

During our 3 months together you will-

  • Explore the origins of your discomfort and release the energy around it
  • Heal your trauma
  • Learn how to overcome triggers when they hit
  • Create wellbeing rituals & a deeper connection to yourself
  • Develop a tool kit to use on your own
  • Receive email and voxer support if needed between weekly sessions

Now is your time

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