Six Week Intensive Program

I love to help women unearth where their anxiety is stemming from and guide them in their healing so they can show up consistently and fearlessly in their business.

Using energy psychology methods, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, I guide you safely to work WITH your intuition and subconscious mind to find the answers to why you’re experiencing these emotions.

This method of healing I guide you through is deep and transformative.

This is a 6-week Intensive healing program for $719

Which includes –

6 x 1 hr Matrix Reimprinting sessions

If you are ready to step up and move through your anxiety and overwhelm, this is the transformative program for you.

In a gentle and calm space, I will help you –

  • Uncover what your anxiety and overwhelm is connected to
  • Transform and release the energy around this
  • Learn step by step processes for how to manage triggers

Underneath anxiety is most often childhood trauma and diving in together to resolve these wounds, in this package I’m offering 6 sessions to support you on this journey.

I also offer a 12 week VIP program you can learn more about here.

Sound like a program you are ready for? Let’s have a chat to see if we’re a good fit! You can book a time to chat with me here.

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