I specialise in helping women on their emotional healing journey, transforming and releasing trauma so they can live with emotional freedom.

Predominately using energy psychology methods, Matrix Reimprinting & EFT, we will work with your subconscious mind to help you understand where those emotions started and guide them towards transformation.

When receiving Transformation Coaching with me you will-

  • Be supported whole-heartedly in a nurturing online space
  • Gain an understanding of where your emotions stemmed from
  • Heal your memories and trauma
  • Gain control over your emotions
  • Know what to do when you’re triggered
  • Feel the weight lift off your shoulders
The Intro Taster Session

Intro Session Taster $145NZ

You’re intrigued about how these modalities can work for you, and would like to experience it for yourself, here is a 90min taster for you.

Bespoke Intensive $377NZ

You have an area of discomfort emotionally you’d like to focus on, that you know would help so much if only you could overcome it. An area we can focus on over 3x 60min sessions.

Six Session Bundle $719

Dive a bit deeper spending 6 weeks together, healing and working through your trauma. These are all 60min sessions.