Offspring Wellbeing

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This workshop is for you if you have children in your life, any children, they don’t even need to be yours! Learn how to increase mental wellbeing in our young ones, teaching them easy skills to help them thrive now and in the future.

-Have you seen the horrifying stories on suicide?

-Do the mental health statistics in NZ concern you?

-Do you wonder how on earth you can try to prevent that from being one of your children?

You aren’t alone.

This workshop offers a real game changer for our children’s mental wellbeing.

Mental health services in New Zealand are stretched and are dealing with people in ‘crisis’, the old ambulance at the bottom of the cliff situation and little resources are left to help those who are struggling yet are not ‘in crisis’. Sadly, the closer we get to those suffering, the more difficult the situation is to solve. But how about we take an even bigger step back, right back. Let’s start with our children and teach them skills for their own mental wellbeing so when they hit their teens and adulthood, when life does its thing and tests them, they will have skills to help them navigate these times.

This is something every single one of us can do right now, how cool is that.

This workshop is the product of 20+ years’ experience with mental illness, the NZ mental health system, psychological discovery, mindfulness, and a journey back to content wellness. You will learn skills that are easy to understand and implement like-

– How to teach children ways to understand their feelings, thoughts and bodies.
– How to express themselves.
– About different types of mental illnesses and how we can explain them to children.
– How to ‘set up’ talks to children about difficult or highly emotional situations.

Come along and learn this amazing gift, our children are worth it!


I love your long game plan for the future of our kids. Giving kids the language to speak about these issues and removing the stigma around them is so important and I think you really are on to something our country is in desperate need of. The relatable way you share parts of your own journey along with practical tips is so engaging and informative. Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Jo Pointon