Using micronutrients to come off psychiatric medication

Using micronutrients to come off psychiatric medication; is it a thing or not?

If you’re sitting there thinking “that is ridiculous, micronutrients can’t replace psych medication”, then you are not alone. I thought similar when I first heard of using them to come off medication. I thought it must be a placebo effect, or people just blowing smoke about something that has no real standing.

But I was wrong.

My why

With a diagnosis of Bipolar 2, I had spent 11 years on medication trying to find stability. I wanted to come off the three psychiatric medications I was on, because of the physical side effects from the long-term use of these drugs; these side effects scared me because I was only 39. With LOTS of life left to live, I needed to see if there was another way. Curiosity set in about what being drug free would look like to me.

I had spent years developing coping strategies that helped me when I felt low. This made me feel as though I could handle the hard days that would accompany reducing off my meds, (knowing it wouldn’t be a walk in the park after so long on medication). I was ready.

The micronutrients

Hardy Nutritionals created a product called Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN), which is a clinical-strength broad-spectrum micronutrient formulation. These nutrients provide a foundation your brain and body need to perform optimally and enhance mood, mental clarity and behaviour. It has helped people come off medication for mental illness globally.

Backed by independent, peer-reviewed research including double-blind studies, DEN piqued my interest to investigate further. One study included 15 people with Bipolar where at the end of the program, 11 were completely off their meds and the other 4 were on very reduced doses.  Those statistics made me excited, it seemed this would be something worth trying.


Lithium was one of my mood stabilisers, and I had read it was notoriously hard to come off. If done too quickly I was likely to bounce back into a Bipolar episode. The fear of this had been holding me back from trying this for a couple of years.

During my conversations with a Hardy’s product specialist, I learnt that Bipolar is very receptive to the Daily Essential Nutrients because of its high mineral composition. Lithium is different from other psychiatric medications because it is also a mineral (salt), therefore the high doses of minerals in the DEN work beautifully to replace the Lithium.

At that point I was sold!

How does it work?

DEN repairs the cells and replenishes the nutrients depleted in the body, and this reduces the need for psychiatric medications. This works on the premise that a person is lacking certain nutrients and this is affecting their mental health.

When it comes to eating a healthy, whole foods diet, that may not be sufficient for those predisposed to mood disorders and mental illness. Due to the lack of nutrients in our food from overprocessing, it turns out that our food may not be giving us as much nutrition as we require.

While the repairing and replenishing of the cells is happening, you are going through the tapering off medication process. The body signals it’s ready for another reduction by feeling over-medicated and experiencing side effects. This indicates your medication level is now too high and you are ready for the next reduction.

The feeling after making a reduction is what I describe as a feeling of relief, physical and emotional relief.

My results

Over 4-months, with 8 reductions, I was off Lithium and Dothiepin, two of my three medications. It took an extra month for my other medication Quetiapine (Seroquel). I needed to reduce it at a slower rate due to the withdrawal symptoms I was feeling. The aim is to be comfortable. If it’s uncomfortable with withdrawal symptoms, you take a bit longer in the reduction period.

Taking micronutrients showed me that there is another way to deal with my mental health. It supported my transformation away from conventional medication and completely changed my life. I’m grateful to have found this avenue.

It turns out using micronutrients definitely does help when coming off psychiatric medications!

Why Work With the Subconscious Mind?

Why working with the subconscious mind is so powerful

Once upon a time, I believed that trying to alter things in our subconscious mind was a bit scary. Almost like there was a possibility that a button might get pressed and certain aspects of me would be deleted. People who talked about doing this work either seemed full of shit or trying to play God with the mind.

What I’ve learnt along the way is that those thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth.

Why work with the subconcious mind?

Only about 5-10% of our day is operated from our conscious mind. Things like our decisions, plans, willpower and analysis happen in our conscious mind.

Everything else hangs out in our subconscious mind. Our emotions, beliefs, values, memories, fears, habits, and imagination; it all comes from our subconscious mind. It’s so powerful in how we experience life.

If we were to look at talking therapy for an example, we are talking (analysing) the situation at hand. We are using our conscious mind to go over what happened. This is good for understanding, and devising a plan moving forward, however, its not great for the other 90 – 95% of the mind that holds all the strong info about that situation, the memory, smells, sounds, emotions, images, fears, beliefs etc. We are trying to use just the 5 – 10% of our conscious mind to overcome the power of the subconscious.

I’m not suggesting this is impossible, I’m saying that when we clear the energy in our subconscious mind, our issue can almost dissolve. Sometimes it does, just dissolve. Other times, taking the charge out of the situation is what we need to make taking action toward your devised plan, so much easier.

Another excellent example is dieting. We use our conscious mind to analyse, plan and use our willpower to stick to the diet, yet how often do they work? We fall off the diet wagon because the crap going on in the subconscious is powerful and overtaking that 5 – 10% of willpower. It’s as simple as that.

Working with the subconscious mind using Matrix Reimprinting

What I have learnt, is that what we experience in a situation that is causing us emotional discomfort, its most often connected to a much earlier memory of a time you felt the same way.

Using the subconscious mind to connect us with the earliest and worst times we felt this way, which are not sitting at the forefront of our mind, and then working on releasing the energy in those memories, has a domino effect on the other times you felt this same emotion.

When you take the charge out of even one memory, it takes the charge out of the others. It’s truly fascinating work!

Our subconscious mind will lead us to where we need to go. Consciously we most often cannot seem to connect the dots to why we feel so bad or are triggered about something. This is where working with the subconscious mind is true gold.

In my work, using Matrix Reimprinting, we let the subconscious lead us to where we need to go, and once there, we analyse with our conscious mind to learn how this has impacted us and transform it. We not only take the charge out of it, but we reimprint a new positive belief. This is a lovely 2 pronged effect.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced form of EFT tapping. It’s a powerful technique used for resolving traumas, big or small. These traumas can be silently running in our subconscious and show up in our lives as anxiety, emotional issues, phobia’s, allergies, addictions, relationship issues and many more.

In conventional EFT, tapping is used on points of the meridian system throughout the body (pic below). Tapping on these points while verbally tuning into a specific emotion or memory, releases the stress of the memory from the body’s energy system.

The next level that Matrix Reimprinting takes us to, is the ability to step into the memory as if we were an extra in the movie. Once in there, with the guidance of the practitioner, we can help our younger self through any situation we find ourselves in. You can gain an understanding of what the negative belief or decision was, that was made in that moment, safely and without re-traumatisation. We then transform that belief into a positive, which in turn has a great effect on your present life.

The effects of working in the matrix are like EFT but on steroids. It’s a much deeper level of understanding and energetic shift. If you already love tapping, then this is your next level healing modality.

Let’s break it down a bit more.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, also known as Psychological Acupuncture, but without the needles, where we gently tap on points along the main junctions of the meridians to release energy blockages. A meridian is an ‘energy highway’ in the body, and with gentle taps on certain acupressure points, this can help relieve physical and emotional discomfort. The tapping sends calming signals to the amygdala deep in the brain, where our fight or flight reactions are fired from, ultimately restoring balance to disrupted energy. Click here to watch my 3-minute video on where these points are, or refer to the diagram below.

The way I teach tapping is slightly different to most of what you will find on YouTube, I teach a simple recipe for creating your own set up statement which is personalised to your experience of the energy, rather than following a script.

EFT is an easy way to shift emotion, so simple in fact, people often find it difficult to believe. We don’t have to sit in those awful emotions and muddle through on our own, trying to numb ourselves from the pain. Within minutes we can feel relief using tapping.

To watch my 7-minute video on how to use this simple EFT recipe method for Anxiety click here.

Matrix Reimprinting

With Matrix Reimprinting, we take this to a whole new level and transform the memory. EFT is like watching a movie, matrix reimprinting is like being in a play. You can go back to any negative memory, say and do the things you wished you’d said and done, and bring in new resources and other people to support you. When you couple this with the tapping points used in EFT, the results are extremely fast and effective.

In the matrix there is also more flow, there is no need to use set up statements or reminder phrases, we just tap on our younger self in the memory, talking to her as if we’re right there with her, acknowledging the emotions and feeling them melt away as the energy shifts.

Matrix Reimprinting for Anxiety

In the context of my specialised area of anxiety, these modalities work beautifully for understanding what lays beneath the intrusive emotions and problems that anxiety can manifest.

With anxiety, it’s common to not know where it stems from, so in these cases we use a ‘follow the energy’ technique, where I guide you to let your subconscious show us other times in your life that you felt this same energy to know where we need to do the work. It often leads us to memories that you had no idea had impacted you as a child, and when we release the energy around that memory, and transform whatever the belief that was made, you feel a real sense of lightness and freedom.

You can read more from the creators of Matrix Reimprinting, by clicking here .

Why do I find it hard to be my true self?

For most of my life, I have hidden who I am. Doing life through a veneer of confidence when in fact, on the inside, I’ve struggled a lot.

I had the epiphany a few years back that ‘no one really knows me’ (apart from my husband and dearest friend). I remember using this as ammunition in arguments that they just don’t get me, or they don’t even know where I stand in this world. But then with a lot of self-reflection, I see that the reason for that was that I’ve hidden, from everyone.

Why would I do this? Lots of fear of not being accepted for who I truly am.

For me, after a lot of soul healing, I now know it stems from not being safe to be ‘me’ as a child. I don’t think for a second, that my parents meant to impact me in this way, they were just shaping me into being a good girl; a respectful, hard-working, good person. 

We are the product of the environment we grow up in. Every single one of us. This includes our parents. They too were shaped this way, which also means the way they parent. This part of our programming was out of our hands.

Revisiting who we are and why we react to life the way we do, is common in adulthood. For me, this has been essential to my surviving mental illness and addictions. I’ve needed to understand why I have experienced the world the way I have.

I have huge emotions and always have done. But I was born into a family with smaller, more even emotions and I guess my outbursts were too much. If I were angry, I was told ‘no one likes a grumpy person’, therefore learning that I couldn’t express my anger, ever. The way this transpired was as an explosion of RAGE once or twice a year. It wasn’t pretty. I completely lost my shit and destroyed relationships with this outrage. 

If I shared my deep feelings of sadness about anything, I was shut down, being told ‘I’m too sensitive’. So, I learnt that people don’t want to know about my feelings. This one kept me holding everything inside. I’m certain this contributed to my mental illness, like bottled up darkness, stuck in my head with no escape.

I was described by people that I’m like a ‘bull at a gate’. Meaning my drive and focus on something when I decide I want to do it, is like a raging bull, trying to annihilate the gate. Which in all honesty is not hugely uplifting. 

My healing journey has uncovered these aspects of myself and I now see them as my superpowers. I have exceptional communication skills to express my deepest feelings. 

If I feel annoyed about something, I can articulate this at the level of irritation, when it’s a 1 or 2 out of 10; not a raging, off the scale 11. 

My sensitivity gives me the glorious advantage of feeling deeply. Yes, sometimes this means I feel hurt and sadness intensely, but I also feel joy and love with uber vibrance. I’m utterly blessed with this superpower. 

And as for my bull-at-a-gate style, this is actually my driver. I’m a highly motivated person. I am self-driven. I have focus. I can do anything I set my sights on. What a fabulous power to be bestowed.

I’m a deeply expressive, focused, wonder woman!

Gone are the days of feeling like I’m too much. Because hell yes, I will be too much for some people. I know that they’re not my people. I’ve discovered that sharing my light, attracts others with similar light, and this is a beautiful place to be.

I’m oozing with gratitude, towards the women in my life who have inspired me to be me. My sisters, who are in Brene’s proverbial arena, with me. Thank you.

I am enough, a thousand times enough, to be completely me. 

5 Ways to Finding Some Calm Right Now

Want to feel more calm amid the chaos but feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start?

Now is a great time to gently turn away from the uncertainty, and lovingly toward your inner calm. I totally get how consuming the situation is, with so many fears around our loved ones possibly getting unwell, possible loss of income, isolation, the economy and that’s all before we even address homeschooling – there is a LOT going on right now and I want to acknowledge the depth of fear that is being experienced; its immense.

No one has control over this situation but we do have control over how we react to it. Now is the time to actively show yourself some love and take steps to finding your calm; not only for you, but to light the way for your kids and those around you.

Here are 5 ways to regain some inner peace –

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – This is an energy psychology method that rapidly releases the emotional impact of stressful or traumatic life events from the body-mind system. If you already experienced anxiety prior to this current pandemic, it’s likely this has become an incredibly tough time to navigate your emotions. Past traumas can be triggered by this rapidly escalating time, so having a tool to get relief from intrusive emotions is invaluable. It’s super easy to do and has instant results. To learn the basics and how to use EFT for anxiety click here to go to my free training.

Wim Hof Breathing Technique – This right here has been another game-changer in cutting through an unwanted state of mind; the instant benefits are mind-blowing. The health benefits are also amazing as it achieves alkalinity in the blood, making us less susceptible to getting sick! Yes, it might seem a little crazy when you start, but I encourage you to give the whole thing a go, the ‘buzz’ afterwards is TOTALLY worth it!

For Wim Hof’s ‘breathing tutorial’ click here. To jump straight to the 11 min ‘guided breathing’ click here. (This man is fascinating, he’s also known as ‘The Ice Man’, look him up on Youtube!)

Meditation – An oldie but a goodie! Quietening the mind brings real peace to our soul. Over the years I have dabbled in meditation, mainly practising mindfulness. Last year I became intrigued about the benefits of daily meditation practice, so I embarked on a new meditation journey. I was introduced to an excellent free app called ‘1 Giant Mind’ where you can follow the easy 12 step guide. He starts teaching just a few mins per day, its easy to get into and is by far the best explanation of how to meditate I’ve come across.

If you’re feeling quite stressed I highly recommend using EFT or Wim Hof method first to clear the emotion, because it can be difficult to quieten a mind that is busy stressing.

Journaling – If you were like me and had a diary as a teenager then you will most likely remember the pouring out of the youthful soul onto paper, dissecting and spilling the beans on every inch of your life. Well, guess what, that was a fabulous skill back then that you can integrate back into your wellbeing rituals. Getting your thoughts out onto paper can help us gain real perspective on how we feel about certain things and it can be a huge release too. It might not sound that profound, but we process our thoughts differently when we write them down.

A great place to start, if you’re feeling a bit stuck, is with the gratitude and appreciation you feel in your life right now. I hear you, in such difficult times it can be hard to see things to be grateful for, but look closely, they’re there. You can gush on everything. Gratitude for family, friends, pets, car, home, food, electricity, internet, water, and right down to the smaller things like a comfy bed or your toothbrush (imagine how awful your breath would be without a toothbrush!). Gratitude helps us experience more positive emotions such as optimism, enthusiasm, love, joy, and happiness; list how many things you can find to appreciate right now and really revel in that delicious feeling. This is such a great way to raise your vibes too!

Nature – A way of restoring and reconnecting to our feminine energy is to enjoy nature. Feel the sun on your skin or blow the cobwebs out in the blustery wind; immerse yourself in your favourite place. Smell the ocean, listen to the birds, look at the vista, touch the trees; ground yourself and re-energise from our beautiful mother earth. If you are unable to get to any nature places, simply sitting on the grass in your back yard or pulling weeds out of the garden work a treat; notice the natural beauty close up.

Connect – With self-isolation in place staying connected is super important. One of my best recommendations here is using the free ‘video calling’ platform ‘Zoom’. All you need to do is share the zoom room link with friends, family or colleagues and meet there at a certain time. Its really user friendly, reliable and the coolest way to get a group of you together, to see each other and catch up – boom! Click here for the link to open your zoom account. For a YouTube tutorial on how to use it for beginners click here.

I’m sending lots of loving vibes out to you all. Stay safe, protect yourselves and those around you and together we will rise from this unreal situation. Prioritise your self care and finding your calm, because not only will everything else become easier to tackle, that stuff is contagious too!!

Expecting to Lose – Case Study

Recently a client came to me with a desire to get her business idea off the ground but has noticed her habits of never quite getting off the starting blocks and it had been happening for years and with many different business ideas. She believes in her business idea and her ability, yet she keeps finding blocks and feels like a failure.

My client wanted to uncover what it is that’s stopping her, what her subconscious block is so she can get some momentum within her new business.

We followed the energy she felt of her failure and she found herself in a memory of a school running race. She was 7yrs old, and hated running; she always came last and she knew today was going to be no different. She was feeling sad and fearful of being laughed at. She had nobody there to cheer her on; she believed her parents were too ashamed to watch her come last, so they didn’t come at all. She felt like a failure, knowing before she even started that she was going to come last.

My client could clearly see the connection this memory had to how she was living her life now; not feeling good enough and just ‘waiting’ to come last – No fight in her. So, boy did we change that.

First, using EFT, we tapped away all the sadness and fear of humiliation she was feeling, then we taught this little 7yr old girl a fun trick about how powerful our minds are when we tell them something; the ‘go 25% further’ trick. It’s so simple – Standing, with your right arm straight out in front of you, pointing your finger, keeping your arm out you turn around ‘as far as you can’ and take note of what you are now pointing at.  Then return to the front, same again, but this time you tell yourself, that you will go 25% further than you did last time; see the results for yourself! It’s amazing! And she LOVED it. She understood the idea that if she told herself she could run faster, her body will respond.

She wanted her family there to support her, reminding her that she has it in her to go the distance so we added them into this new memory. Standing in the side-lines were Mum, Dad, brothers and Grandparents all shouting her name with great excitement.

She ran that race and felt her power as her legs ran faster and faster. She wasn’t last! In fact, she came 2nd! Her elation was unmistakable. She showed herself how powerful her mind was!

We reimprinted this memory with all the feelings of success, joy, love, support, and empowerment. Doing this process in the Matrix transforms that memory in your subconscious, making it more powerful than if you were to simply talk this over as an idea. It becomes part of you.

My client has since found traction in her business, feeling empowered by her transformed memory. Her brain is amazing and will do what she tells it to. And in the moments when doubt creeps in she remembers and practises the joy of that memory.

“It’s like this tool has pulled the thread that was holding me back, and the more I remember this new memory, the further I pull the thread and the more unravelled my old belief is. I know I can win at whatever I put my mind to! Thank you for helping me see this, it’s making such a difference in how I’m working in my business” – Rachel

‘This’ is emotional freedom; empowerment of the mind through knowledge and nurturing.

To Life’s Satisfactions

I’m beautiful, bright, curvy, emotional, full of love; I’m all woman. I have birthed two children and learnt some of my biggest lessons from being a mother. I can make a house, a caravan, even a tent, a home. I’m sure I talk more than the said 20,000 words, of your average woman, spoken per day – what else can I say, it’s one of my gifts. I’m creative, love to dance and enjoy singing my lungs out (in the comfort of my car lol). I get hormonal, have saggy boobs, and stretch marks, but this privelege comes from having grown and fed two humans. I am grateful. I am a woman who acknowledges her fears, and does it anyway (well most of the time). A woman with depth, strength and heart. I’m a wife, a daughter, an Aunty, a friend; a fellow female human.

I have led a pretty colourful life. A life I am so proud to say has been full to the brim with experiences. There have been crazy times, out of this world times, desperate times, loving times, petrifying times, eye-opening times and hilarious times. I have gained an amazing amount of perspective and know myself inside and out.

I have fought, I have won and I have lost. I’ve failed as a daughter, a friend, a wife, a mother but the most hurtful one is how I’ve failed myself time and time again learning some of my colourful lessons. 15yrs ago I was an addict who went back for more, even knowing the after effects would be hurtful and ugly. I had an untreated mental illness and struggled to get any emotional traction in life. 

My journey has led me along a beautiful path. I have risen and succeeded, as a daughter, a friend, a wife and a mother. But the most amazingly ‘satisfying’ success has been for myself, learning some more of my wonderful colourful lessons! I’ve learnt how to turn my demon’s into loving strengths and how to set my heart and mind free. 

Becoming an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner is one of my proudest achievements as it’s given me the skills to help guide others along thier personal journey’s to emotional freedom. 

To life’s satisfactions xo

Her Beautiful Bubble of Significance – Case Study

There is nothing quite like guiding a person towards emotional freedom, but it’s the BEST when within two weeks the client gives you feedback on how amazing they feel and how it has impacted their life!

Recently my client came to me feeing like no one sees her. She felt like it didn’t matter what she did for the world and her people in it, she was not appreciated, and this caused her to feel a heavy sadness. She gave so much of herself to everyone, trying to be the person they all needed and the heavy darkness of sadness in her chest would not release.

My client’s goal was to lift this sadness. She wanted to feel significant and be seen by those she gave her time to.

When I guide a person into the matrix, we often follow a feeling and where that energy is sitting in the body. In this case she was already aware of the heavy feeling in her chest. The energy of this feeling connects with one or more memories in her subconscious where she had also felt this same feeling, and this is where we go in and transform the memory into one of satisfaction. Knowing this work the way I do; I knew that she would find relief from that anxiety and gain a feeling of more significance once we tapped into memories where her belief had been originally created.

We discovered a couple of memories from around the age of four where she was hiding, feeling very alone and outcast from her immediate family. She felt like the odd one out. She knew she was loved, however conditionally and not understood.

There are many ways to transform memories, but we always start with connecting into the feeling of your younger self in the memory and how she is feeling and using EFT (tapping) we release the negative emotions. Once this is done, we figure out the best way to create more emotional freedom. The relief from those emotions is already fabulous but we take this further.

For my client in this session, she had identified that she felt insignificant, so we want to work toward feeling the opposite of this. “What would make you feel more significant?” Being seen by Mum and Dad. After doing some work with Mum and Dad in this there was a small amount of relief from their noticing her but not a big shift. We took a different approach.

I got her to think of a safe place she could create that would become her new place of significance. She came up with this giant soft bubble, the size of a house. Inside it was a calm dusty pink colour and it had her favourite things in there. A native fern garden surrounding the softest, comfiest couch that she could snuggle down into. She added the essence of her old beloved old dog and cat. She had the masculine love of her Grandfather swirling around with the aroma of the beach, all holding a beautiful space for her to start painting the walls in all the significance she is. She had sprawling pictures of her special people who she is significant to, and all the people who have made her feel significant over her life; friends, family, teachers, therapists, loves, even random strangers who made an impact; all to reminder how of these moments in time.

She had a huge screen up with a rolling film of all the wonderful snippets of her life where she had shown ‘herself’ how significant she was.

  • Using healthy and unhealthy coping strategies to survive (this is important to recognise all those strategies because they got you here to today)
  • Not following the crowd taking drugs, and focusing on her schoolwork during high school
  • Working hard toward her career path
  • Ending a relationship because she knew long term it wasn’t how she wanted to live her life and ultimately would be unhappy, as hard as it was at the time
  • Travelling the world to the beat of her own drum
  • Walking away from friendships that she was no longer aligned with
  • Asking for help when she was experiencing severe mental illness, and working hard to recover and find her balance once again
  • Her creations
  • Her way of exercising for fun, loving moving her body
  • Being a fabulous mother
  • Showing herself how she can overcome fears and be triumphant
  • Her wins, and SO MUCH MORE

She created a place she could visit at any time, especially when triggered into feeling insignificant, where she can feel ALL the significance that she is. See ALL the significance she has shown herself, and how and why she is significant to others in her life. Her beautiful dome full of ALL that she is and how she has shown up for herself over her life.

Doing this process in the matrix makes this a powerful tool for reconnecting with our inner self. My client now has a place where she feels the enormity of her significance, and whether others see it or not in everyday life, becomes completely insignificant. She has learnt others can’t make her feel anywhere near as significant as she can make herself feel.

“Thank you so much Bex, feeling all this significance has freed me from having recurring thoughts of ‘not being thought of by this person or that’. I’m not seeking that feeling from others, especially my husband, as I can now feel how amazing I am whenever I re-enter my beautiful dome you helped me create. I’m so grateful and can’t believe how quickly this has impacted my life.” – Jen

‘This’ is emotional freedom; empowerment through self-love and significance.