Bespoke Intensive

Are you searching for another way to overcome anxiety and overwhlem?

Have you had enough of the emotional rollercoaster and want to resolve the past trauma that keeps being activated?

Let’s explore those emotions and get you feeling more peaceful

During this ‘Bespoke Intensive‘ we will meet online, for three 1-hour private sessions focusing on a specific issue of your choice.

Have you ever wondered why you are still experiencing mental and emotional distress while you’ve tried what feels like everything? Medication, therapy, exercise, meditation, diet, breathing techniques etc. The reason is that there is unresolved trauma that needs healing. Without healing the trauma, the discomfort will keep raising its ugly head.

There are different types of trauma. Big T and little t trauma. Big T trauma are deeply disturbing events where you felt out of control or perhaps even feared for your life, eg. war, sexual & physical abuse, natural disasters, and catastrophic accidents. These are what most people assume trauma is, however, there are little t traumas that are widely misunderstood and overlooked regarding the impact they can have on us throughout life. Little t traumas are events that have had us feeling helpless or impacted our emotional wellbeing, eg. conflict, bullying, divorce, being excluded, emotional neglect, financial or legal troubles to name a few.

Healing the trauma feels light and free, like a weight is lifted off you.

Using energy psychology methods, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, I guide you safely to work WITH your subconscious mind to find the answers to why you’re experiencing these emotions because we don’t always know where things started.

In a gentle, calm space I will help you –

  • Uncover what your discomfort (anxiety, sadness, anger etc) is connected to
  • Transform and release the energy around this
  • Learn how to manage triggers

The reasons why we experience deep emotional discomfort, (mental illness), can be complex. This 3 session package can be used to focus on a certain area of discomfort or a specific trauma you are aware of. Sometimes certain issues can be released and transformed quickly, within one session. And sometimes there is more than one aspect to address within certain issues, therefore, needing a longer period of time. Each person is different. This may also be a way for you to dip your toes into this style of healing work.

I also offer a VIP Freedom package for deeper, longer term work.

Now, is your time to find relief from emotional discomfort

The Bespoke Intensive