The Challenges of Bipolar ‘Recovery’

Bipolar – the illness where yin and yang are most obvious in their places. I say this in a relatively relaxed sense, purely looking at the positives and negatives, and the ups and downs of the illness. I want to share with you how I found the process of finding stability and recovery via doctorsContinue reading “The Challenges of Bipolar ‘Recovery’”

The Abilities of a Young Mind

Recently I was out for dinner with a girlfriend when she received a call from her husband because her daughter wanted to say goodnight. Her daughter was feeling sad that her Mum wasn’t there for the normal bedtime routine. I listened to my friend gently talking to her daughter, validating her feelings and assuring herContinue reading “The Abilities of a Young Mind”

The Man I Let Treat Me Like I Was Nothing.

Overwrought by uncontrollable tears. I’m lying in the bath feeling alone and desperately sad. My boyfriend who was living with me simply didn’t ‘do’ emotion, or ‘my’ emotion at least. He would dismiss my feelings, ignore me when he got home at night, telling me he needed quiet time. He had chosen a lively, talkativeContinue reading “The Man I Let Treat Me Like I Was Nothing.”

Resting B!tch Face or Peace?

I recently had a trigger when a person considered me and my business a threat and reacted by being childish and rude. It hit me for six, I wasn’t expecting anything of the sort. It took me three attempts at contacting her to realise that I hadn’t actually made a mistake; she was being deliberately rudeContinue reading “Resting B!tch Face or Peace?”