Using micronutrients to come off psychiatric medication

Using micronutrients to come off psychiatric medication; is it a thing or not? If you’re sitting there thinking “that is ridiculous, micronutrients can’t replace psych medication”, then you are not alone. I thought similar when I first heard of using them to come off medication. I thought it must be a placebo effect, or peopleContinue reading “Using micronutrients to come off psychiatric medication”

Why Work With the Subconscious Mind?

Once upon a time, I believed that trying to alter things in our subconscious mind was a bit scary. Almost like there was a possibility that a button might get pressed and certain aspects of me would be deleted. People who talked about doing this work either seemed full of shit or trying to playContinue reading “Why Work With the Subconscious Mind?”

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced form of EFT tapping. It’s a powerful technique used for resolving traumas, big or small. These traumas can be silently running in our subconscious and show up in our lives as anxiety, emotional issues, phobia’s, allergies, addictions, relationship issues and many more. In conventional EFT, tapping is used on pointsContinue reading “What is Matrix Reimprinting?”

Why do I find it hard to be my true self?

For most of my life, I have hidden who I am. Doing life through a veneer of confidence when in fact, on the inside, I’ve struggled a lot. I had the epiphany a few years back that ‘no one really knows me’ (apart from my husband and dearest friend). I remember using this as ammunitionContinue reading “Why do I find it hard to be my true self?”

5 Ways to Finding Some Calm Right Now

Want to feel more calm amid the chaos but feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start? Now is a great time to gently turn away from the uncertainty, and lovingly toward your inner calm. I totally get how consuming the situation is, with so many fears around our loved ones possibly getting unwell,Continue reading “5 Ways to Finding Some Calm Right Now”

Expecting to Lose – Case Study

Recently a client came to me with a desire to get her business idea off the ground but has noticed her habits of never quite getting off the starting blocks and it had been happening for years and with many different business ideas. She believes in her business idea and her ability, yet she keepsContinue reading “Expecting to Lose – Case Study”

To Life’s Satisfactions

I’m beautiful, bright, curvy, emotional, full of love; I’m all woman. I have birthed two children and learnt some of my biggest lessons from being a mother. I can make a house, a caravan, even a tent, a home. I’m sure I talk more than the said 20,000 words, of your average woman, spoken perContinue reading “To Life’s Satisfactions”

Her Beautiful Bubble of Significance – Case Study

There is nothing quite like guiding a person towards emotional freedom, but it’s the BEST when within two weeks the client gives you feedback on how amazing they feel and how it has impacted their life! Recently my client came to me feeing like no one sees her. She felt like it didn’t matter whatContinue reading “Her Beautiful Bubble of Significance – Case Study”