Why Work With the Subconscious Mind?

Why working with the subconscious mind is so powerful

Once upon a time, I believed that trying to alter things in our subconscious mind was a bit scary. Almost like there was a possibility that a button might get pressed and certain aspects of me would be deleted. People who talked about doing this work either seemed full of shit or trying to play God with the mind.

What I’ve learnt along the way is that those thoughts couldn’t beĀ further from the truth.

Why work with the subconcious mind?

Only about 5-10% of our day is operated from our conscious mind. Things like our decisions, plans, willpower and analysis happen in our conscious mind.

Everything else hangs out in our subconscious mind. Our emotions, beliefs, values, memories, fears, habits, and imagination; it all comes from our subconscious mind. It’s so powerful in how we experience life.

If we were to look at talking therapy for an example, we are talking (analysing) the situation at hand. We are using our conscious mind to go over what happened. This is good for understanding, and devising a plan moving forward, however, its not great for the other 90 – 95% of the mind that holds all the strong info about that situation, the memory, smells, sounds, emotions, images, fears, beliefs etc. We are trying to use just the 5 – 10% of our conscious mind to overcome the power of the subconscious.

I’m not suggesting this is impossible, I’m saying that when we clear the energy in our subconscious mind, our issue can almost dissolve. Sometimes it does, just dissolve. Other times, taking the charge out of the situation is what we need to make taking action toward your devised plan, so much easier.

Another excellent example is dieting. We use our conscious mind to analyse, plan and use our willpower to stick to the diet, yet how often do they work? We fall off the diet wagon because the crap going on in the subconscious is powerful and overtaking that 5 – 10% of willpower. It’s as simple as that.

Working with the subconscious mind using Matrix Reimprinting

What I have learnt, is that what we experience in a situation that is causing us emotional discomfort, its most often connected to a much earlier memory of a time you felt the same way.

Using the subconscious mind to connect us with the earliest and worst times we felt this way, which are not sitting at the forefront of our mind, and then working on releasing the energy in those memories, has a domino effect on the other times you felt this same emotion.

When you take the charge out of even one memory, it takes the charge out of the others. It’s truly fascinating work!

Our subconscious mind will lead us to where we need to go. Consciously we most often cannot seem to connect the dots to why we feel so bad or are triggered about something. This is where working with the subconscious mind is true gold.

In my work, using Matrix Reimprinting, we let the subconscious lead us to where we need to go, and once there, we analyse with our conscious mind to learn how this has impacted us and transform it. We not only take the charge out of it, but we reimprint a new positive belief. This is a lovely 2 pronged effect.

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