5 Ways to Finding Some Calm Right Now

Want to feel more calm amid the chaos but feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start?

Now is a great time to gently turn away from the uncertainty, and lovingly toward your inner calm. I totally get how consuming the situation is, with so many fears around our loved ones possibly getting unwell, possible loss of income, isolation, the economy and that’s all before we even address homeschooling – there is a LOT going on right now and I want to acknowledge the depth of fear that is being experienced; its immense.

No one has control over this situation but we do have control over how we react to it. Now is the time to actively show yourself some love and take steps to finding your calm; not only for you, but to light the way for your kids and those around you.

Here are 5 ways to regain some inner peace –

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – This is an energy psychology method that rapidly releases the emotional impact of stressful or traumatic life events from the body-mind system. If you already experienced anxiety prior to this current pandemic, it’s likely this has become an incredibly tough time to navigate your emotions. Past traumas can be triggered by this rapidly escalating time, so having a tool to get relief from intrusive emotions is invaluable. It’s super easy to do and has instant results. To learn the basics and how to use EFT for anxiety click here to go to my free training.

Wim Hof Breathing Technique – This right here has been another game-changer in cutting through an unwanted state of mind; the instant benefits are mind-blowing. The health benefits are also amazing as it achieves alkalinity in the blood, making us less susceptible to getting sick! Yes, it might seem a little crazy when you start, but I encourage you to give the whole thing a go, the ‘buzz’ afterwards is TOTALLY worth it!

For Wim Hof’s ‘breathing tutorial’ click here. To jump straight to the 11 min ‘guided breathing’ click here. (This man is fascinating, he’s also known as ‘The Ice Man’, look him up on Youtube!)

Meditation – An oldie but a goodie! Quietening the mind brings real peace to our soul. Over the years I have dabbled in meditation, mainly practising mindfulness. Last year I became intrigued about the benefits of daily meditation practice, so I embarked on a new meditation journey. I was introduced to an excellent free app called ‘1 Giant Mind’ where you can follow the easy 12 step guide. He starts teaching just a few mins per day, its easy to get into and is by far the best explanation of how to meditate I’ve come across.

If you’re feeling quite stressed I highly recommend using EFT or Wim Hof method first to clear the emotion, because it can be difficult to quieten a mind that is busy stressing.

Journaling – If you were like me and had a diary as a teenager then you will most likely remember the pouring out of the youthful soul onto paper, dissecting and spilling the beans on every inch of your life. Well, guess what, that was a fabulous skill back then that you can integrate back into your wellbeing rituals. Getting your thoughts out onto paper can help us gain real perspective on how we feel about certain things and it can be a huge release too. It might not sound that profound, but we process our thoughts differently when we write them down.

A great place to start, if you’re feeling a bit stuck, is with the gratitude and appreciation you feel in your life right now. I hear you, in such difficult times it can be hard to see things to be grateful for, but look closely, they’re there. You can gush on everything. Gratitude for family, friends, pets, car, home, food, electricity, internet, water, and right down to the smaller things like a comfy bed or your toothbrush (imagine how awful your breath would be without a toothbrush!). Gratitude helps us experience more positive emotions such as optimism, enthusiasm, love, joy, and happiness; list how many things you can find to appreciate right now and really revel in that delicious feeling. This is such a great way to raise your vibes too!

Nature – A way of restoring and reconnecting to our feminine energy is to enjoy nature. Feel the sun on your skin or blow the cobwebs out in the blustery wind; immerse yourself in your favourite place. Smell the ocean, listen to the birds, look at the vista, touch the trees; ground yourself and re-energise from our beautiful mother earth. If you are unable to get to any nature places, simply sitting on the grass in your back yard or pulling weeds out of the garden work a treat; notice the natural beauty close up.

Connect – With self-isolation in place staying connected is super important. One of my best recommendations here is using the free ‘video calling’ platform ‘Zoom’. All you need to do is share the zoom room link with friends, family or colleagues and meet there at a certain time. Its really user friendly, reliable and the coolest way to get a group of you together, to see each other and catch up – boom! Click here for the link to open your zoom account. For a YouTube tutorial on how to use it for beginners click here.

I’m sending lots of loving vibes out to you all. Stay safe, protect yourselves and those around you and together we will rise from this unreal situation. Prioritise your self care and finding your calm, because not only will everything else become easier to tackle, that stuff is contagious too!!

Published by Bex Allen

Certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

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