Expecting to Lose – Case Study

Recently a client came to me with a desire to get her business idea off the ground but has noticed her habits of never quite getting off the starting blocks and it had been happening for years and with many different business ideas. She believes in her business idea and her ability, yet she keeps finding blocks and feels like a failure.

My client wanted to uncover what it is that’s stopping her, what her subconscious block is so she can get some momentum within her new business.

We followed the energy she felt of her failure and she found herself in a memory of a school running race. She was 7yrs old, and hated running; she always came last and she knew today was going to be no different. She was feeling sad and fearful of being laughed at. She had nobody there to cheer her on; she believed her parents were too ashamed to watch her come last, so they didn’t come at all. She felt like a failure, knowing before she even started that she was going to come last.

My client could clearly see the connection this memory had to how she was living her life now; not feeling good enough and just ‘waiting’ to come last – No fight in her. So, boy did we change that.

First, using EFT, we tapped away all the sadness and fear of humiliation she was feeling, then we taught this little 7yr old girl a fun trick about how powerful our minds are when we tell them something; the ‘go 25% further’ trick. It’s so simple – Standing, with your right arm straight out in front of you, pointing your finger, keeping your arm out you turn around ‘as far as you can’ and take note of what you are now pointing at.  Then return to the front, same again, but this time you tell yourself, that you will go 25% further than you did last time; see the results for yourself! It’s amazing! And she LOVED it. She understood the idea that if she told herself she could run faster, her body will respond.

She wanted her family there to support her, reminding her that she has it in her to go the distance so we added them into this new memory. Standing in the side-lines were Mum, Dad, brothers and Grandparents all shouting her name with great excitement.

She ran that race and felt her power as her legs ran faster and faster. She wasn’t last! In fact, she came 2nd! Her elation was unmistakable. She showed herself how powerful her mind was!

We reimprinted this memory with all the feelings of success, joy, love, support, and empowerment. Doing this process in the Matrix transforms that memory in your subconscious, making it more powerful than if you were to simply talk this over as an idea. It becomes part of you.

My client has since found traction in her business, feeling empowered by her transformed memory. Her brain is amazing and will do what she tells it to. And in the moments when doubt creeps in she remembers and practises the joy of that memory.

“It’s like this tool has pulled the thread that was holding me back, and the more I remember this new memory, the further I pull the thread and the more unravelled my old belief is. I know I can win at whatever I put my mind to! Thank you for helping me see this, it’s making such a difference in how I’m working in my business” – Rachel

‘This’ is emotional freedom; empowerment of the mind through knowledge and nurturing.

Published by Bex Allen

Certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

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