Her Beautiful Bubble of Significance – Case Study

There is nothing quite like guiding a person towards emotional freedom, but it’s the BEST when within two weeks the client gives you feedback on how amazing they feel and how it has impacted their life!

Recently my client came to me feeing like no one sees her. She felt like it didn’t matter what she did for the world and her people in it, she was not appreciated, and this caused her to feel a heavy sadness. She gave so much of herself to everyone, trying to be the person they all needed and the heavy darkness of sadness in her chest would not release.

My client’s goal was to lift this sadness. She wanted to feel significant and be seen by those she gave her time to.

When I guide a person into the matrix, we often follow a feeling and where that energy is sitting in the body. In this case she was already aware of the heavy feeling in her chest. The energy of this feeling connects with one or more memories in her subconscious where she had also felt this same feeling, and this is where we go in and transform the memory into one of satisfaction. Knowing this work the way I do; I knew that she would find relief from that anxiety and gain a feeling of more significance once we tapped into memories where her belief had been originally created.

We discovered a couple of memories from around the age of four where she was hiding, feeling very alone and outcast from her immediate family. She felt like the odd one out. She knew she was loved, however conditionally and not understood.

There are many ways to transform memories, but we always start with connecting into the feeling of your younger self in the memory and how she is feeling and using EFT (tapping) we release the negative emotions. Once this is done, we figure out the best way to create more emotional freedom. The relief from those emotions is already fabulous but we take this further.

For my client in this session, she had identified that she felt insignificant, so we want to work toward feeling the opposite of this. “What would make you feel more significant?” Being seen by Mum and Dad. After doing some work with Mum and Dad in this there was a small amount of relief from their noticing her but not a big shift. We took a different approach.

I got her to think of a safe place she could create that would become her new place of significance. She came up with this giant soft bubble, the size of a house. Inside it was a calm dusty pink colour and it had her favourite things in there. A native fern garden surrounding the softest, comfiest couch that she could snuggle down into. She added the essence of her old beloved old dog and cat. She had the masculine love of her Grandfather swirling around with the aroma of the beach, all holding a beautiful space for her to start painting the walls in all the significance she is. She had sprawling pictures of her special people who she is significant to, and all the people who have made her feel significant over her life; friends, family, teachers, therapists, loves, even random strangers who made an impact; all to reminder how of these moments in time.

She had a huge screen up with a rolling film of all the wonderful snippets of her life where she had shown ‘herself’ how significant she was.

  • Using healthy and unhealthy coping strategies to survive (this is important to recognise all those strategies because they got you here to today)
  • Not following the crowd taking drugs, and focusing on her schoolwork during high school
  • Working hard toward her career path
  • Ending a relationship because she knew long term it wasn’t how she wanted to live her life and ultimately would be unhappy, as hard as it was at the time
  • Travelling the world to the beat of her own drum
  • Walking away from friendships that she was no longer aligned with
  • Asking for help when she was experiencing severe mental illness, and working hard to recover and find her balance once again
  • Her creations
  • Her way of exercising for fun, loving moving her body
  • Being a fabulous mother
  • Showing herself how she can overcome fears and be triumphant
  • Her wins, and SO MUCH MORE

She created a place she could visit at any time, especially when triggered into feeling insignificant, where she can feel ALL the significance that she is. See ALL the significance she has shown herself, and how and why she is significant to others in her life. Her beautiful dome full of ALL that she is and how she has shown up for herself over her life.

Doing this process in the matrix makes this a powerful tool for reconnecting with our inner self. My client now has a place where she feels the enormity of her significance, and whether others see it or not in everyday life, becomes completely insignificant. She has learnt others can’t make her feel anywhere near as significant as she can make herself feel.

“Thank you so much Bex, feeling all this significance has freed me from having recurring thoughts of ‘not being thought of by this person or that’. I’m not seeking that feeling from others, especially my husband, as I can now feel how amazing I am whenever I re-enter my beautiful dome you helped me create. I’m so grateful and can’t believe how quickly this has impacted my life.” – Jen

‘This’ is emotional freedom; empowerment through self-love and significance.

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