My Inner Latina Dance Goddess

I just might be a tad behind the times, perhaps a little out of fashion when it comes to the lastest exercise craze – but last night, I tried Zumba for the very first time, and I LOVED it!!

It could’ve started slightly better, if I had actually arrived at the correct venue, but merely a 5min mistake. I made it and met the lovely instructor. She welcomed me and her advice was not to worry if I lost my footing, just to keep going. Okie dokie I thought – (NO, ‘oh fuck’ was actually what I thought) but here we go!

The music was pumping and she started dancing with a vivacious energy that was so contagious! I was off, with a smile plastered to my face, I followed her moves….well as easily as I could. I harnessed my inner ‘Latina dance goddess’ and gave it my all. It was exhilerating just letting go and joining in with all of these women. (Full disclosure, I’m positive I would’ve looked more like an unco woman tripping over herself, literally, but I’m sticking with the Latina dance goddess because…. why not?).

I don’t ‘do’ exercise classes, purely for the fear of what everyone else will think of me. Ridiculous I know! I hear how silly this is, because I’m only depriving myself, but the struggle is real (it’s one of my things). The last exercise class I went to was in London, at the Pineapple Dance Studios. I was 23, and loved to dance. I found a ‘street dance’ class that sounded like fun. My goodness, I was in a studio with at LEAST 50 others who all knew the choreography; I was flapping around the back of the pack literally like a fish out of water! I only attended the one class, and carried on to let it reinforce my fear of exercising in groups.

My journey to wellness is ongoing. Yes, I’m well out of the dark times, but learning new ways to live better can push me, and when I feel this pushy discomfort I acknowledge it, and like last night I show myself that I CAN do it. So my inner ‘Latina dance goddess’ will be taking to the dance floor next week! Nothing can stop her now.

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Certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

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