Resting B!tch Face or Peace?

I recently had a trigger when a person considered me and my business a threat and reacted by being childish and rude. It hit me for six, I wasn’t expecting anything of the sort. It took me three attempts at contacting her to realise that I hadn’t actually made a mistake; she was being deliberately rude to me.

When I realised that, the first thought that came to mind was “well if she goes around perceiving everyone as a competition, then competition is what she will attract”. Now that’s not me sticking my finger up and saying “I’ll show you”, its what I believe about the law of attraction. I cannot stress how happy I was that that was my first thought! Yes, there were other thoughts that crept in like ‘giving her a piece of my mind’ etc but I left those thoughts behind, lowering to her level would upset me further. I do not consider myself a threat to her, nor her a threat to me, full stop.

The following day after my self-realisation, it was suggested to me, completely out of the blue by a person I was having a random conversation with, to approach a business who were currently unhappy with their current service. Guess what… was that rude woman who they were unhappy with. Karma? Whatever you call it, it was incredibly uncanny.

It wasn’t long after this I was invited into a group of like-minded people in the same industry who are of the collaboration mindset or abundance theory mindset. I have never met such an amazing group of strangers, so willing to share knowledge, and clients if they themselves are busy. It has been such an UPLIFTING experience. Collaboration beats competition hands down, every time.

Abundance theory is a mindset that looks at each glass as half full (if not fuller) and sees the world as offering endless opportunity. There is more than enough for everybody. When you live like this, you simply attract more of this.

Once upon a time that negative interaction I had with that lady would’ve really knocked me, for days, perhaps longer. I would’ve taken it personally and thought I had done something to deserve being treated that way.

To see how we have grown without noticing those little steps along the way that have got us to this point is priceless.

The steps that have got me to where I am are-

  • Seeing ‘first hand’ how positively the abundance mindset works for some people I’ve met.
  • GRATITUDE: The biggest mindset changer for me, being grateful for every opportunity we have no matter what the outcome is, and being grateful for everything in my life; past and present, grateful for the good and not so good, all of it have made me into the woman I am today.
  • Understanding the law of attraction and practising it. Once on this ride, you will notice how we all attract what we get. If we experience constant let downs or stresses, this is what we will continue to attract. But when we purposefully practice abundance and love or other positive things, that’s also what we will attract.

We cannot change how others interact with us, but we can change the way we ‘perceive’ their interactions with us. The way I noticed that that woman was setting herself up for competition, rather than focusing on why she reacted negatively toward ‘me’, is a positive self-preservation mindset. Everyone can do this!

Still, like air,I rise.

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Certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

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