Schizophrenic Traffic….wtf??!

How crazy is it that when you hear “schizophrenic traffic” most of us get what the person was getting at.

I heard a radio presenter say this the other day. I felt like giving him a call and having an educational on Schizophrenia. But then I thought he meant no harm by it and calling him would mean I would have to pull over, find my phone buried in my handbag amongst receipts, muesli bars, pens, lipsticks and my daughters hockey mouth guard!

Schizophrenia is a chronic brain disorder with symptoms like delusions, hallucinations, trouble thinking clearly or concentrating and lack of motivation. They may also feel disconnected with their feelings, want protecting, have hallucinations, hear voices or simply lose touch with reality.

Nothing like what ole Mr Radio Host was trying to get at. He OBVIOUSLY got his mental illnesses muddled up, lol, I think he was meaning Bipolar, up and down.

From my experience Schizophrenia is an illness that is very unspoken of. Bipolar gets a lot of limelight by the many Hollywood Celebs who are afflicted by it, however Schizophrenia misses out on exposure. In fact most of the exposure I have heard of myself has been in the media when someone is very unwell and requires being sectioned. It sounds scary.

When I was in a respite home, I was taken out for coffee with this cool-as-hell chick. To this day I’m not sure why she did it, but not only was it refreshing to get out, she was lovely and open and shared her story with me. She literally blew me away telling me how both her and her boyfriend have Schizophrenia and neither were on meds for it. (Now I will jump in here and say, not everyone with this illness can go med-less). They had both been on different medications, but decided to work at living clean lives that didn’t exacerbate their illness with the support of their doctors. I am SUCH a believer in how much our minds are affected by our lifestyles. They both had different triggers that they worked with, for instance she was affected by flashing lights similar to a person with epilepsy, and she said she could feel it inside her. She removed herself and would go to a dark quiet place, sometimes for hours, or the rest of the day.

Having been in a psych hospital with very unwell schizophrenic’s, I have seen how they can all be affected so differently, and how by stopping their medication they slowly drop deeper and deeper into their illness. I met a man who believed he was Jesus, this is the delusional part of the illness. He was a sweet harmless man, but I can see how society would find him a little odd. Another person affected, was a girl who I sat and watched a movie with one night, she argued with a voice she could hear in her head throughout the whole movie. The wonderful thing about these people in these hospitals, is that they are all getting the best help possible, and these side affects of the illness fade with medication.

I am so grateful for that experience in hospital because I learnt very quickly how they are just beautiful souls, as we all are, nothing scary about them.

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2 thoughts on “Schizophrenic Traffic….wtf??!

  1. My brother is the most gentle person ever. He still has one voice that he is unable to get rid of but it’s fairly quiet at the moment. He will be on his anti psychotic medication for the rest of his life. He has had a couple of occasions where he has got really sick over the last 10 years. The last time was about 2 years ago but he is recovering well from that now.

    1. This is what we need more of, so thank you Tina! Your brother sounds lovely, and like the millions of other people with this illness, and those who I have met myself. Nothing to shy away from.

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