Be you. The world will adjust.

Its true.

I’ve lived a good solid portion of my life not truly being me. Trying to please all sorts of people, to fit in, not let them see my craziness, not offend, being happy to make others happy…… the list goes on. I find it’s a fairly common way of life.

18 months ago I met this chick who moved into our neighbourhood. I was attracted to her spirit. It also happened that we had many similar interests and ideas which always gave us plenty to yak about. I was spellbound by her beauty, but the mesmerising part was that she didn’t seem to be at all aware of it herself. Yes she was confident, and yes she obviously didn’t suffer from any body image issues, she was just true beauty.

We’ve become friends, and I believe she was planted smack bang in the middle of my life like she was, to make me take notice. I couldn’t recall how many times, when I have been with her, that I have had the thought YELL into my head “She is just herself, unapologetically herself.” This evokes feelings of a blend between jealousy and adoration. I haven’t mixed with many of these people in my life, and I love her so much for this. She probably has no idea I even think this, but her being her continues to remind me, to be me.

Like the title of this post, the world adjusts for all of us. The more open I am about who I really am, the more space I feel the world making for me.

Its open, its inviting, its beckoning.

The truth is, not everyone is going to like us and this in itself can be hard to swallow. It can be for a multitude of reasons, it may be personality, culture, our choices, or we may simply trigger something inside of them that they just do not like. BUT, what I have discovered is once you are truly yourself, those who like you, actually love you for it, and those connections are SO MUCH BETTER than a whole lot of connections you’ve had, where you don’t really know where you stand from lack of truth.


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