Rebecca Allen

Inspiring, uplifting and motivating through her story battling mental illness. 


She takes to the stage with energy and life, delivering a life-changing message!


Rebecca has loads of life experience and thoroughly enjoys making connections with people. One of her top passions are issues around mental illness. Her journey has seen her weave her way through addictions, hyper-manic episodes, severe depression, and postnatal depression; to then go on to learning healthy coping skills for life.

The strong message Rebecca delivers is around ‘asking for help’, ‘accepting the help’ and how a person can ‘rise up and thrive’. She candidly talks about her time in respite and a psychiatric hospital and finding her way out of the darkness.  She also shares stories about the effects of doubtful seed planting and how to break free to feel empowered and live life to the MAX.

Recently Rebecca has started the initiative ‘Offspring Wellbeing’ with a vision of ‘The Long Game’ where we shift our focus away from our current state of mental health in NZ and onto teaching the next generation wellbeing skills. Rebecca offers talks and workshops to parents, families and professionals teaching easy everyday skills to help children grow into a happy future with skills to help them through the harder times.


Rebecca is a contributor to changing the stigma towards mental illness because it’s SO common! 1 in 6 adults in New Zealand will have a mental illness in their lifetime and there are still WAY too many pockets of society that are uncomfortable with mental illness. 

You are NOT your illness.

I share my knowledge and experiences around my journey to help those experiencing mental illness feel less alone and to bring understanding and insight to the 5 in 6 people who won’t experience a mental illness.

I am available to bring my passion to your workplace, event or stage!

It's On.

“Rebecca stuns her audience every time I see her take the stage – such an impressive delivery that makes a huge impact on them. Confident – bold – a raw ability to grab her target, and make them sit up and listen – then relaxes them with clever humour, builds them up again, finishing on a really big note. ” 

– Neil Duncan

“WOW Rebecca owned the stage! Her message captivated the room and left us wanting more. A true professional.”

-Zeb Clarke


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