Life Coaching

You can be happy, fulfilled, inspired and successful!

⇒Do you want more out of your life? Want to ignore the fear and do it anyway?!

⇒Ready to bust away from the stigma of mental illness and flourish?

⇒Want support to continue using your healthy coping skills and become everything you want to be and more?

I will help you realise that you can reach for those stars and GRAB ONE!

My forward-focused approach will have you making positive changes that will transform your life, gain a more balanced well-being and discover your very own key to your personal triumph.



I have a passion working with individuals who have suffered from mental illness and/or addictions as I have walked that path myself. I understand treatments and therapies and offer my life coaching to those who have already gained professional psychological and/or psychiatric help and are ready for the next step. The aftermath of mental illness and addictions can be isolating and sometimes difficult to find your way back from. I want to help you discover what you can do to keep yourself well and continue on to live a full and happy life.

I also work with women who have experienced lower levels of mental illness and are ready to make some life changes and get out of the funk.

Success is different to every individual. Together we will unravel what is going on inside your mind and help you achieve amazing things!

You will find me to be a warm and open person who wants to help you be everything you want and more. I am ‘crazy about life’ and about empowering women to live life to the absolute MAX. Anyone can experience this!

What you can discover when you commit to ‘life coaching’ with me:

  • I will help you find your strengths and passions, and work these into your way of life, to gain more purpose and ease in what you do.
  • Learn about self-belief, mindset and how to make life go your way.
  • Where you are at this moment-in-time and discover what is holding you back from bursting forward and getting everything you want out of life.
  • Gain certainty in your next step, next goal, or next career move.
  • How to stay focused and motivated when the going gets tough.

When a person is returning to life after a struggle with Mental Illness or Addictions, I have a few extra steps here that we can also look at to help you on your way to being who you want to be:

  • Building up your self-confidence.
  • Discovering your values and beliefs and how you can live by them now.
  • Figuring out what is important and what is not.
  • How to jump back into life and consider all aspects of a balanced life
  • How to look after yourself, and keep that a number one priority.
  • Gain certainty around your next steps, whether that be work based, relationship-based or health based.
  • How to create a life that fits the new you.

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