Guiding women to find their emotional freedom by transformative self-discovery

Does it feel like you are ‘only just’ keeping your head above water? Emotional pain, mental illness and overwhelm bubbling underneath the surface – or perhaps even bursting through that surface? I’ve got you – and I can help you find freedom in your pain.

Come on in, welcome to this beautiful safe space, created to guide you on a journey of self discovery & healing.

Want to feel lighter, freer & more empowered?

Walk this way.

We can so easily trudge through life struggling with our emotions, we may try to bury them or distract ourselves from them in many ways. We try to get on top of it by doing ‘all the things’ we think we should be doing to help find our calm….but it doesn’t seem to work.

I have something awesome to share with you.

In a calm caring capacity I can confidently guide you through a journey of reconnecting with yourself, shifting emotional pain and finding the balance that you need for your emotional wellbeing. I use healing modalities EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Reimprining, along with other practical tools to shift old patterns and beliefs.

Gentle, safe transformation

I believe healing past trauma is imperative for emotional freedom. We can ‘manage’ it with medication, addictions, talking, exercising, meditation, and many more things, but it is still there, underneath, until it is healed. This is why after doing all the things, it’s still there.

What is perceived as a traumatic event for one may not be the same for another, it’s all about our own perceptions of how we interpreted an event; I respectfully hold this space for you with absolute confidence and non-judgement. I am here to help you.

Often we are not aware of the negative beliefs we live by, only noticing the discomfort we feel when things aren’t going the way we wish. A lot of our beliefs come from childhood during a moment that was of heightened emotion. But the problem is, that we were percieving the world through child’s eyes and could’ve made assumptions about this world, and us in it, that weren’t always accurate; making a belief we live by that can cause us grief in different ways.

The fabulous news is that we can find what our discomfort is connected to, transform it, and release the energy around it. This is such beautiful trauma healing work and the results are astounding as the transformation infiltrates throughout your life.

Emotional freedom here we come!!

I stand

I’m a woman with heart & passion, helping others break free from their inner pain. My feet are earthly rooted in my gifts that I have gained throughout my journey that has woven its way through mental illness and addictions, graciously giving me understanding of the pain we can experience.

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Bex Allen -Certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
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